Planning a baby shower on a low budget

Congratulations! If you’re reading this blog, then it’s likely that you’ll have a new bundle of joy very soon. A beautiful baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate your pregnancy and get excited for the arrival of your new baby. In this blog, we’re helping you with planning a baby shower on a low budget.

Many baby showers are organised by the family members and friends of the mum-to-be, so there are many tips for those taking on baby shower planning duties too!

What is a reasonable budget for a baby shower?

Before you decide to throw a baby shower, you should take some time to consider the budget. The budget should be considered whether you plan to spend a lot or a little when throwing a baby shower. This can help you to remain on track throughout the planning process.

Many people may ask about a reasonable budget, but this completely depends on your personal circumstances and how much you’re willing to spend on the baby shower. The price will vary depending on your plans. We’re letting you know some great ways to keep the costs down.

What to do at a baby shower

There are many activities that you can incorporate into a baby shower, such as games and activities. You can check out our blog on our favourite baby shower games.

Generally, baby showers are an excellent opportunity to get loved ones together. This means all guests tend to have a lovely time mingling and celebrating the expecting mum! So, you don’t need to worry about having something planned for every second of the day.

Often family and friends will offer to help out a lot with a baby shower, so why not ask them to come up with some fun activities for all guests to enjoy? These games can be fun and more personal to you and your baby!

If you’re planning a personal baby shower, think about games like baby shower bingo, guessing the weight of the baby and guessing the birth date. You could also create an entertaining Q&A about the mum-to-be! Printable baby shower games are a cost-effective way to keep everyone entertained.

Perhaps you’d like to include a gender reveal on your special day? We can organise a range of exciting ways to reveal the news, such as balloon releases, colour-changing drinks and more! Our experienced event planners can support you in your home or in a hired venue. We provide event decoration and planning services so that you can continue relaxing.


When do most baby showers take place?

It’s up to you when you plan the baby shower; however, most baby showers take place after the 20-week mark and at least a month before the due date.

If you’re planning the baby shower for someone else, it’s worth giving them enough time to settle after the baby shower and get any last bits they need for when the baby arrives.

Planning a baby shower on a budget checklist

Want to know how you can save money on creating a fantastic baby shower? Keep on reading, we’ve got plenty of cheap baby shower ideas!

Location for a small budget

After setting your budget, you’ll need to think about where the baby shower will take place. Some choose to hire a venue for the party, while others may choose to organise the event at home. You may find some budget-friendly prices by booking on a weekday.

Having the event at the new mum’s home means that they will be comfortable, and it won’t cost more! This can be a great way to make the baby shower more personal. It also helps you to save money on refreshments as you can purchase these yourself rather than asking the venue to provide them.

Choose a baby shower theme

Not all parties need a theme, but they can be a nice touch. If a theme stands out to you and relates to the mum-to-be, then that will be a great idea. You can incorporate the theme into every aspect of the day, including baby shower decorations and invitations too!

Limit the number of guests for an affordable baby shower

Although inviting everyone you know to celebrate can be tempting, you can still have a fantastic day with a smaller guest list. Generally, the more people you invite, the more the day will cost. If you want to save money, inviting a small group of close friends may be a better idea.

Switch up the invites

Instead of sending traditional invitations, why not create an event online or send a message to invite guests? Although it may not feel quite as special using digital invitations, you’re achieving the same thing and saving money too! You can still create a memorable baby shower with a baby shower game and more!

Some invitations may include information on baby shower gifts. These typically include baby clothes, books and other useful baby items.



Most vendors will be able to help you in a public or home venue. Typically, vendors can be considered for food and more. For those planning the baby shower on a lower budget, consider organising sandwich platters for guests to enjoy. You could create your own drinks menu with imaginative names for drinks.

Finding inexpensive baby shower food can be challenging, so many choose to go for a buffet-like food table. Others may prefer to hire a vendor who can provide afternoon tea for baby shower guests.

Cake for budget baby showers

Every great party needs a cake, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune. You can purchase a simple cake from a shop or even ask a friend to bake one. Cake decoration can be simple yet elegant and personal too! If you’d prefer something a little smaller, why not consider baking your own cake pops? This is a fun idea that guests will enjoy!

If you have the baby shower in a public venue, make sure you check that it’s OK to bring a cake.

Party favours for game winners

Flowers are a great option for an inexpensive baby shower favour that everyone can enjoy! Alternatively, you could look into candles and chocolates for baby shower favours too. Of course, guests won’t be expecting a lot, but having a prize for winning baby shower games can keep guests entertained.

Other ideas for a baby shower on a budget

  • Sweet treats/homemade treats
  • Fun signs
  • DIY photo booth
  • Popcorn bar
  • Making your own decorations
  • Having the event at a friend’s house

Our event planners near Manchester can support you with a whole range of events, including baby showers. So, whether you’re planning your own baby shower or one for someone else, we can provide as much or as little support as you need to create memorable moments for all! When your baby has arrived you may look into having a Christening. Check out our Christening reception ideas.

Do you need some support planning the perfect baby shower on a budget? Then get in touch with us, we’re more than happy to help and have plenty of experience working with people and vendors across the country. Let’s bring your baby shower ideas to life!


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