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Congratulations on your pregnancy; it’s probably not long before you meet your little one! With that in mind, it’s time to start planning your baby shower, and there are many elements to consider. In this blog, we’re telling you our favourite baby shower games!

Planning a baby shower

Before deciding what fun games to play at your shower, you’ll need to decide on a guestlist, food and drinks. Baby showers are a fun way to get creative with these things. Why not think of some witty mocktail names or supply food only shaped like baby items? We’re thinking babygrows, a baby bottle and more! As your baby shower guests arrive, they can be given a drink and an outline of your fun baby shower games.

Thinking of ideas for your baby shower can be challenging, which is why sometimes it’s great to have a little extra help from the experts. We have a lot of experience planning baby showers and other exciting life events, so we know many vendors who can help us turn your ideas into reality.

How many baby shower games shall I plan?

Everyone has different ideas for how they want their baby shower to go, and that’s fine! We recommend including at least a couple of baby shower games to help guests relax and set the atmosphere.

Depending on how many guests you have and the duration of your baby shower, you may look to include more games. Many of the best baby shower games are inexpensive and require little effort on your part to work well and provide a good time.

There are so many game ideas to choose from, so whether you’re after easy baby shower games or the funniest baby shower games, there’s something for you!

Simple baby shower game ideas

Baby shower bingo!

Bingo is a classic baby shower game that’s simple yet fun to play. Instead of using numbers, bingo can be played while you unwrap presents from your guests. On each bingo card, you may use words like ‘babygrows’, ‘baby blanket’, ‘baby wipes’ or ‘baby bathtub’. Buy a few bingo dabbers, and let the fun begin!

You may find it easier to work towards a line rather than a full house for the winner, given that you won’t know which gifts you will receive.

Who knows Mum best?

This is a great baby shower game to play with your closest friends and family; who will win? When planning this game, you might use questions such as:

  • What’s Mum’s favourite film?
  • What’s Mum’s favourite song?
  • How would Mum best describe herself?

The possibilities are endless with a baby shower game like this, and it’s one of the best icebreaker baby shower games. These baby shower trivia questions about Mum will get people talking and having fun.

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Don’t say the word

This is definitely one of the most simple baby shower games but also one of the hardest! In this game, you’ll need to announce the word that guests cannot say. If you’re after a funny baby shower game, you should use the word ‘baby’!

You can plan some forfeits for guests when they say the word, or you can have a true winner. To crown a winner, you’ll need to include an item in the game. Most of the time, guests start the game with a number of pegs. If they are found to say the word baby, a peg is removed by the person who heard it. At the end of the game, many people will have lost pegs, and there is usually a clear winner, the person with the most pegs. This is an excellent game that makes everybody laugh!

Unique baby shower games

Change the nappy

If you’re looking for a unique baby shower game, this is the one. Your guests might think that changing a nappy is easy, but not with a blindfold on or a balloon for a baby! Give baby shower guests a real laugh by asking them to take turns with this game. The best two can play for the winner’s spot using the balloon, a nappy and a pin. Whoever can change the nappy without popping the balloon wins the baby shower diaper game.

Crafty baby shower games

Crafts are a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere and let people get creative! If you want to bring some crafts into your baby shower plans, why not purchase some plain bibs and some safe pens and allow guests to draw their own designs?

Not only will this be a fun baby shower game at the time, but it’ll also make you smile when it comes to feeding your little one.

Celebrity baby names

There are so many unique baby names out there, so why not gather a list of celebrity baby names and have your guests match them to their parents? This easy baby shower game doesn’t take much planning and might even give you some unique name ideas for your own baby!

Funny baby shower games

Baby charades

Charades can be an extremely fun game, so you’ll definitely want to add some baby scenarios and have guests act them out at your shower. You can include things like finding out you’re pregnant, changing a nappy, telling your family you’re pregnant and finding new maternity clothes.

You might choose to play this in teams depending on how many guests you have. Don’t forget to include a prize for the person who guesses the most right!

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The potty game

If you’re looking for active baby shower games, this one is definitely a winner. In this game, guests are required to blow up a balloon and place it under their tops while also having a small ball between their knees. The aim is to walk forwards towards a plastic baby potty and drop the ball into the potty. This game is hilarious and requires control!

This active baby shower game is sure to get everyone laughing!

What will the baby look like?

This game requires you to print out a photo of the parents-to-be. Once printed, you cut sections out from both and get guests to mix and match them to decide what the baby will look like. This is a funny and simple game that will have everybody laughing. You might choose to use a recent photo or a baby photo.

Guess the baby food

This is such a fun baby shower activity and involves guests trying different baby foods. Whoever can guess the most baby food right wins the game! All the guests can have fun guessing the flavours while eating off baby spoons!

Other fun baby shower games

  • Animal baby shower games – match the name of the baby animal to the parent
  • Organise the baby socks
  • Printable baby shower games – word searches
  • Fastest person to melt the ice cube baby
  • Diaper raffle
  • Making play dough babies

Prizes for baby shower games

It’s nice to give guests a little something for winning the game, but your prizes don’t need to be anything extravagant. Here are some great prize ideas:

  • Chocolates
  • Flowers
  • Beauty gifts
  • Candles
  • Small plants

There are so many great gifts that you could choose from!

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At Creative Venue Styling, we’re always supporting people with planning their most important life events, and we love it! We love traditional plans and challenges, where we create something unlike anything we’ve ever planned before.

If you need support with planning your baby shower, get in touch with our friendly team. We can help with baby shower themes, decoration, planning and logistics.


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