Corporate Event Styling

Are you holding a Corporate Event in 2023? Here are some simple and effective tips to take your event to the next level. Do you want to reward your staff for their hard work, celebrate your company’s achievements or make a lasting impression on your clients? Our experienced team of party planners will help put on an event that will keep your employees and clients talking for years to come!

Create a Grand Entrance

Set the mood of the night right from the start and make your guests feel like celebrities by creating a grand entrance for them, as well as this plush carpets and striking floral arrangements are some of our favourites to work with.

Your guest demographic

To ensure that your guests get the most out of your event think about their preferences and personalities when putting together your theme and styling

Flowers aren’t exclusively for Weddings

Many corporate clients have come to us in the past with a fear that using florals in their styling package will make the space seem too much like a wedding. However Flowers and foliage come in a vast variety of colours and styles. Perhaps consider using ingredients such as Australian natives or mixed foliage arrangements for a more organic, striking look!

The small details

Just as accessories outfit complete an outfit small details enhance your overall styling.
Something as simple as a small foliage sprig on your guest’s napkins or a personalised seating chart instead of your venues standard print out add an extra level of opulence to your event and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

We are always here to help with any further queries you may have in regards to Styling an upcoming event





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