The BEST Wedding Planning Apps

wedding planning apps

Congratulations – you’re getting married! What an exciting time for you and your special someone. Planning a wedding is lots of fun, but it can be tricky too. In this blog, we’re letting you know the best wedding planning apps.

As you’ve probably already found, there are so many wedding planning apps around, and it can be difficult to find one that’s perfect for you. No two weddings are the same, so you’re unlikely to find a one-size-fits-all bridal app.

Of course, there are many paid wedding apps, but with the cost of a wedding, you might be looking for a free wedding app. We’ll let you know the pros and cons of each, and hopefully, you’ll find the best wedding planning website or app for you!

What you’ll likely find when looking for a free wedding app is that most of them have a free and paid version. This means you’ll likely be able to access all the features if you pay for them. It’s a good idea to read the reviews before you start using an app so you can see what other people think about it.

Best wedding planning apps

Of course, you want to have access to the best wedding planner app, so we’re here to help. No wedding planning app fits everyone’s needs, but you’re sure to find one to help you with the wedding planning process.

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This app is great for those who want to stay organised at every step. You can track your tasks and wedding budget easily within one app. Additionally, you can view a range of wedding venues and vendors to make your special day a little more magical!


BrideBook is a great app for those who need to find more inspiration. If you don’t know where to start with your wedding plans, you need to download this app! You’ll have access to a range of wedding venues and more.

Hitched app

The Hitched app is a popular option as it features lots of inspiration for couples. It also has many features to help you plan and keep track of what needs doing.

Wedding Wire

The Wedding Wire app has everything you need, from budget planning to inspiration. You can easily manage all aspects of your wedding with this app, such as guest lists and more.

Having easy access to a list of your wedding guests makes sending wedding invitations much easier. Many couples are also choosing to create their own wedding website with a countdown to the wedding date.

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Wedding Planner by Wedbox

If you’re looking for input from other people in your wedding party, then this is the perfect app! This wedding planning app allows you to collaborate with others on selected elements, so you can have help managing your RSVPs from wedding party members.

Guides for Brides

This planning app is great for finding inspiration to make your wedding one to remember. You can even select different options based on your location. These filters make wedding planning much more simple.

The Knot

The Knot is definitely an all-in-one wedding app. Not only can you access your personalised wedding checklist on the app, but you can also update your wedding website, create a wedding timeline and much more.

Wedding table planning app

Table planning is something that many couples worry about, but there are lots of ways that you can make it a little easier. Perhaps you’d rather go old school and have a list of everyone’s names ready for this task, or maybe you’d rather look for a wedding table planning app. Here are some options for you to consider.

wedding table planning app

Wedding Tables by Seat Puzzle

This table planning app has received lots of positive reviews, with users stating that they’d spent a lot of time trying to work out other options. This app allows you to design your own room and add the number of tables and chairs you need. This is great as you can set the room to the exact dimensions of your wedding venue.

The app allows you to drag and drop tables and chairs, so you can easily reorganise if things don’t quite end up perfect the first time. Read our blog on organising the wedding table plan.

Table Tailor

This wedding table planning app has a very simple user interface, with colours and tags for people with different roles. For example, you can highlight members of the wedding party. You can also add details regarding dietary requirements for guests.

This app has received many positive reviews, and people highlight how easy it is to use for all kinds of events. This is a free wedding planning app, but there is a paid version available too.


This app allows you to create table plans for both your reception and wedding ceremony. It even allows you to add collaborators to the plans so that you can get advice easily. It’s also useful as it means that vendors know where they are able to set up their stalls.

Similar to Wedding Tables by Seat Puzzle, you can create your own floor plan within the app or on the website. This means you can ensure that the plan is completely bespoke to your wedding venue.

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Should I get a wedding planning app?

It’s up to you how you make the plans for your wedding day. Remember that a wedding app relies solely on you finding the information. In contrast, a wedding planner can help you by listening to your ideas and finding the perfect ways to make them a reality.

Our wedding planners near Manchester work hard to make every couple’s dreams come true. We know that wedding planning can be stressful, which is why we’re here to help every step of the way leading up to your big day.

Through our many years in business, we’ve met and developed strong business relationships with many vendors all over the UK. This means that whatever ideas you have for your perfect wedding, we can try to make them happen.

Hiring a wedding planner is a great option for those who live busy lives or who need a little extra support! Are you planning your wedding? Contact us to find out how we can help make your wedding journey stress-free! We can’t wait to see your wedding plans come to life.


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