How to decorate for a marquee wedding

how to decorate for a marquee wedding

Congratulations, you’re getting married! What an exciting time for you and your partner. In this blog, we’re letting you know how to decorate for a marquee wedding.

What is a marquee?

A marquee is the perfect addition to your outdoor wedding. You’ll be able to offer guests shelter if the weather isn’t great and shade if it’s quite warm. A marquee can be open on all sides or closed, but the main feature is the roof. If you want to ensure that you’re covered from all sides, you may want to consider a gazebo. Some marquees may also have a clear roof, but you will need to check this.

When planning an outdoor wedding, you will need to consider the weather. It’s good to have a backup option for outside, even in the summer months! Marquees are a great idea as they can be hired easily, and many companies will take care of the assembly too, so that you can continue getting prepped for your special day!

Perhaps you’re considering a marquee wedding ceremony, or maybe you just want to use one for your wedding reception. Either way, your special day is going to be perfect!

What kind of marquee could I have?

There are various types of marquee that you can choose from. There’s no right or wrong option; it all depends on your wedding style and budget. Read our blog on planning your wedding budget.

  • Metal frame marquees – These marquees allow for more space and can usually be safer as there’s no need for internal poles. These are perfect for weddings with plenty of dancing.
  • Pole marquees – These marquees require extra support from outside of the marquee area. They are usually a more affordable option, but they do take up more space.
  • Gazebo – If you want full protection from the weather, then a gazebo may work better for you. Of course, you will need to consider that the gazebo’s price will increase with its size. A gazebo company will be able to advise you on the correct size you’ll need, depending on the number of guests you have.

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Marquee wedding theme ideas

One of the biggest benefits of a marquee wedding venue is that you’re starting with a completely blank canvas. There are so many fantastic themes that you can choose from for your wedding day. Here are just a few ideas that work well with a marquee wedding.

  • Rustic theme: A rustic theme requires lots of natural wood, with some flowers and candles dotted around the area.
  • Boho marquee decoration: Neutral tones, fairy lights, and greenery can help you achieve a gorgeous boho theme.
  • Vintage wedding decor: When considering a vintage theme, you need to find plenty of elegant items. You could even add some family heirlooms!

Set your wedding theme by adding items to your marquee entrance. This will help to set the magical atmosphere for your wedding.

How to decorate for a marquee wedding venue

There are so many amazing ways that you can decorate your marquee. Remember to keep this decor in line with other aspects of your wedding, such as the invitations and colour scheme. Here are some of our favourite decor ideas for your marquee wedding.


Balloons are a simple way to add character and brighten up a space. Make sure that your balloons match your colour palette. You can also consider making it a little more exciting by using different shapes of balloons.


Lights are an important part of any wedding. When it turns to night, you want your guests to still be having a great time. Depending on your theme, there are so many options for lights. Perhaps you want to go all out with a party theme and have disco lights with coloured lighting, or maybe you’d like to keep things simple with draped fairy lights? The choice is yours!


Centrepieces are a great way to bring your theme together for everyone, and there are so many beautiful options you could choose from. You might like to add flowers, candles, vases, runners, and more. Make sure that you don’t add too much to each table, as it can become a little busy, and guests may not have much room. Your centrepieces will be a focal point in your wedding venue.


You’ll need to add some form of furniture to your marquee. Your chosen venue may even be able to provide you with tables and chairs. But if they can’t, why not look into hiring them for the day? This may save you money and will definitely take the stress out of setting up. Round tables are a good way to get everyone talking during your wedding event.

You’ll also need to make sure that the marquee is big enough for the number of tables and chairs you may need. Think about children and also where any food areas will be able to go. Read our blog on top table decoration ideas.

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Ceiling decor & hanging decorations

Marquees are a great option for those wanting ceiling decorations. You could choose from many items, such as flowers, drapes, bunting and even pom poms! You’re sure to be able to make the place look stunning.

Top tips for decorating for your marquee wedding

  • Try to keep things simple
  • Use the ceiling for decorations
  • Consider adding flooring to the marquee area – a dance floor is a great way to get people moving!
  • Follow your colour scheme as best you can, but don’t be scared to use hints of other colours to add depth.
  • Add personal touches to your marquee – photos are a lovely idea, and you can share your love story!

We hope this blog has been useful regarding how to decorate for a marquee wedding. There are so many stunning ways to bring your outdoor wedding to life. We have developed strong business relationships with many vendors around the country who can help make your wedding dreams come true.

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